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CNY C-Suite publishes quarterly and is the premier local market, business-to-business, custom publication for central New York C-Level executives and other key decision-makers in the boardroom.  CNY C-Suite provides strategically focused, locally relevant, and deeply engaging content to its target audience.  CNY C-Suite highlights executives who have exhibited excellence in leadership and business.  CNY C-Suite will not only be about business development and marketing; it will be about the abilities it takes to be a business leader.  It will focus on the attributes necessary to excel in business and community leadership, as well as how local executives leave a positive impact on their communities. 

CNY C-Suite provides marketers the opportunity to achieve their content marketing initiatives through custom publishing.  Custom publishing is a form of marketing that involves an editorial product.  The content of such editorial supports the marketing and communication objectives of the underwriter. Typical editorial allows the underwriter to tell their story through business and executive profiles as well as positioning key individuals as experts in their field by writing columns.

Custom publishing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing and is one of the most significant growth sectors of publishing today. It is becoming the most preferred method for marketers to reach a desired and defined target audience. 

CNY C-Suite will allow you to maximize the ROI on your content marketing/custom publishing efforts, positively impacting your bottom line.

It’s no longer about counting customers; it’s about reaching the customers that count.